Bill’s Solo Discography

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Fireworks on TV, Bill Janovitz and Crown Victoria
Q Division 1026 2004 (US) CD

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One, Two, Three / My Radio / Mary Kay / Almost Beating / Fireworks On TV / Sinking / I Found Out / Revealed / Minutes Of The Day / These Pictures / Florida / In A Day / Believe / Whisper to Yourself / Fireworks On TV (Basement Version)

Up Here
SpinArt SPART93 CD 2001 (US)

Atlantic / Best Kept Secret / Up Here / Half A Heart / Your Stranger’s Face / Goodnight, Wherever You Are / Minneapolis / Like You Do / Like Shadows / Light In December / Long Island
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Lonesome Billy

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Beggars Banquet BBQCD186 CD 1997 (US)
Girl’s Club / Think of All / Shoulder / Gaslight / Ghost In My Piano / Strangers / My Funny Valentine / Peninsula / Talking to the Queen / Red Balloon

Show People, Bill Janovitz and Chris Toppin

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Listen to the the first track Vinyl Road

For a complete list of guest appearances and Buffalo Tom albums please visit Dan and Camille Speca’s site The Kitchen Door

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