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Goodbye to R&B Greats

Losing Johnny Otis and his protege, Etta James, in the same week is a major reminder that the giants of R&B and soul are leaving us. This was always my fave Etta number. Tears me up every time: Hopefully, singers like Adele will carry on the legacy:


They will be discussing Aretha Franklin’s seminal Amazing Grace LP today on NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook. (Lots of info and clips there, check it out.) It reminded me of my old 2009 post about the same record, specifically her performance of the song, “Precious Memories,” here.


In the summer of 1987, when I was 21, I got to see Johnnie Ray at a tiny little dump in Wildwood New Jersey. He was close enough to us that his sweat rained down on us. And sweat he did. The cat really brought it, much to the delight of all the sun-burned, snowy-haired …

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Christmas Coyote

It’s true! The Christmas Coyote is real! He came to our backyard this morning! It’s a Christmas Miracle! First I will write a song about him, then a children’s book, and then Stephen Spielberg will make a movie based on the book. I will be rich

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