Author name: Bill Janovitz

Appearance on Greasy Tracks WRTC

Listen here. This time around, it’s a three-hour Leon Russell spotlight, including an interview with with Bill Janovitz, author of Leon Russell: The Master of Space and Time’s Journey Through Rock & Roll History (Hachette Books). April 1, 2023 (Program No. 1,355) Kansas City Woman — Leon Russell Hummingbird — Leon Russell Bill Janovitz Interview …

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Uncut Magazine Review

“LEON RUSSELL is a wild tale, rendered in great detail by Buffalo Tom’s Bill Janovitz, reaching beyond rock anecdote to produce an empathetic portrait of a man of singular talent.” Here is the partial review

April 7 NYC

NYC! As Leon sang, “Nowhere to run and not a guitar to play/Messed up inside and it’s been raining all day/Since you went away/Manhattan Island serenade.” Glad to be back with Wes’ Cabinet of Wonders with these great people. I’ll read a bit — and sign copies of the book and sing a few songs. …

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The Arts Fuse Review

By Scott McLennan Even more impressive than the sheer amount of raw knowledge Bill Janovitz puts on display is the way he expertly elaborates on Leon Russell’s familiar resume highlights to create a full, three-dimensional portrait of a very complicated artist (and person). Read more here.

Boston Globe

Through it all, Janovitz shows all the strengths of his previous books: an insider’s understanding of how music is made and a literary flair for bringing that process to life on the page. Over 582 pages, he also manages to be a sure-footed guide through Russell’s extremely complicated personal and professional life. Thanks to Jon …

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