Walt Whitman Mall Artwork and Credits

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Side One of vinyl:


1. Long Island

2. Withering

3. Noon Hill

4. Walt Whitman Mall

5. Prettiest

6. Best Route


Side Two


1. Welcome

2. Heckscher Park

3. Mae and Maggie (I & II)

4. Rounding Third


Additional digital tracks in order:


11. I Know It’s True

12. Diamonds Down

13. Cold Again


All songs ©Bill Janovitz, Janoclair Music, BMI


All instruments and vocals by Bill Janovitz except:


  • Billy Beard, drums and percussion on Long Island, Walt Whitman Mall, Withering, Mae and Maggie, and Diamonds Down.
  • Tom Polce, drums and percussion on Heckscher Park and Welcome.
  • Lucy Janovitz, backing vocals on Walt Whitman Mall
  • Ed Valauskas, bass on Long Island
  • Phil Aiken, piano and organ on Long Island
  • Tim Gearan, electric guitar on Long Island
  • Sean Staples, mandolin on Long Island
  • Chris Toppin, backing vocals on Long Island
  • Paul Ahlstrand, saxophone on Long Island
  • Scott Aruda, trumpet on Long Island
  • The Lawnguyland Kwaya on Long Island:
  • Will and Lucy Janovitz
  • Laura St. Clair
  • Dan and Camille Speca
  • Will and Ferriss Donham
  • David Moore
  • Mark Zelermyer
  • Kimberly Hartwell
  • Ron Mesard
  • Seth Altman
  • Colin Devonshire
  • Will Dailey
  • David Brophy
  • Matt Taheney
  • Lilia Halpern-Smith
  • Steve Hanna


Tom Polce mixed all of the songs.


“Long Island” was co-produced with Ed Valauskas and recorded by Pat DiCenso at Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA


All other songs recorded by Bill Janovitz at the Bomb Shelter


Additional recording at Moontower Studio by Scott Janovitz and at Fox Force Five Recorders by J.J. Blair


Mastered by Dave McNair, at Dave McNair Mastering


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