Boston Marathon

Before all this horrible news, my wife, Laura,¬†took our 8 y.o., Will, to the local pharmacy in town today. He has strep but is fine. She and he were playing around as they waited for the prescription, trying on reading glasses, etc. This is a real old mom-and-pop place with truly excellent, friendly, personal service from people who work there for years, decades. It’s a rare gem in Wal-Mart/CVS America.

The older gentleman behind the counter watched La and Will and said, “Looks like you two get along great.” She was warmed, smiled and said that indeed they do. He said, “I hope it’s always that way,” with earnestness. As she told me the story later, we both got misty eyed.

Coincidentally, I also had to refill a prescription later today and when I gave the same man my name, same as my son’s, he flashed a bit of recognition. I pointed out that he waited on my son today and told him that my wife told me the story. He got misty himself and then thanked me for mentioning it. As I was leaving, he thanked me again. Only minutes later, the news broke.

Another child in New England has been killed by adult violence. But as many have pointed out today, the good folks always greatly outnumber the bad. Small moments of kindness hold great weight. Boston is a tough and resilient place, as the President said, but often seems cold on the surface. I hope more people allow themselves to share their natural warmth.

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