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Quarantine Manhattan Setlist: Summer/Mineral/Velvet Roof/ Overtime/Your Stripes/Larry/Tangerine/Leave Me Alone (New Order)/The Only Living Boy in New York (Simon & Garfunkel)/Let It Be Me (Everly Brothers)/All Be Gone/You’ll Never Catch Him/Dry Land/Postcard/Porchlight/Anything That Way/Torch Singer/Would Not Be Denied/Staples/Bottom of the Rain/Comfort You (Van Morrison)/Taillights Fade/In the Ice/Frozen Lake

If you want to contribute, Paypal or Venmo @bill-janovitz

Not necessary, but totally appreciated. This week, we sent a big chunk of change to Partners in Health to help the fight of the Coronavirus in the poorest areas of the world. I imagine I will be back to do another show next Saturday at the same time. To be confirmed.

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