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hey — I just uploaded the score I did for the film On Broadway, by Dave McLaughlin and Lance Greene, and thought I would share it for those of you who want some mellow acoustic instrumental music to listen to. Featured are Joe McMahon (bass), Phil Aiken (piano/organ), and Tom Polce (drums).

This is the piece that scores the climax scene

This one is the opening credits theme.

This is another wistful little number.

As always, you can right/Apple-click to “save file as.”

7 thoughts on “On Broadway Score”

  1. Very glad to finally hear the piano-based version of "You'll Never Catch Him" again (that's the climax track for the curious). Loved it when I heard it in the film, so this is a treat. Thanks, Bill.

  2. Hi Brad – Thanks. But I am not sure what you mean. I listened closely to see if there is something in the score that echoes "You'll Never…" but I am not hearing anything more than a similar mood.

  3. .: I keep pinching myself and asking, "What do we do to deserve these musical gems you keep giving us?" Lovely mood-setting pieces from this movie, of which I was not aware until now. I see your pal Mike O'Malley is in it, he is outstanding in Glee, isn't he? Will have to look for this in the video store.

    Regarding Brad's observation about a parallel between the Main Piece and "You'll Never Catch Him", Bill, I heard it too. At 0:54, when the piano comes in, it plays those four notes (D-C-C-Bb), which corresponds to your singing "…never catch him" (E-D-D-C). The sequence on the piano repeats twice – the chord changes don't match You'll Never Catch Him – but it matches the song structure (same number of measures) when you sing, "You'll never catch him, I said you'll never catch him, She says, that's what everyone says to me…"

    Brad, am I even close? 😉

    Thanks again for posting these, Bill. Hope you are having a good day in Boston.

  4. I hear it as well, guys. Thanks Bill, I love the songs. I a was wondering if this is where "Burn" came from? I downloaded that a few years back and love to add it as a coda of my mix cd's. It also fills that time left on the 80 min. cd. I have to prevent myself from overloading mix cd's with your stuff though. Some end up as a near Janovitz/CV/BT montages…not that there is anything wrong with that!

  5. Nice to know I'm not the only one who heard the similarity… it's such a great little hook that I (wrongly) assumed the instrumental was the germ of the idea that led to "You'll Never Catch Him" (or that they were otherwise somehow related).

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