Covers of the Week 81 + 82 Sweet Tuesday Morning and Tuesday’s Gone

May 2010

Lynyrd Skynyrd were one of the pillars of my musical development, as mentioned in this space before. I still think of us wiry 13 year-olds, self-named 200 Proof, playing Southern Rock numbers in my parents basement.

While Buffalo Tom has fooled around with “Tuesday’s Gone” at soundchecks, I don’t think we ever played it in a set for real, unless we were well drunk at at the butt-end of a night. Of course, this was a situation in which we sometimes found ourselves. But one of the band’s first covers was Badfinger’s “No Matter What.” I remember going out and getting that single when I was a kid. I love Badfinger. But this other cover this week is one of those really nice songs that sometimes sneaks up on you. The band was mostly known for big, melancholy power pop and guitar-driven ballads. But this is a real folky number. I was actually searching for the Skynyrd song and “Sweet Tuesday Morning” also came up in the search. I thought, well, there is a beautiful little song to do as well.

So you get two covers, as Buff Tom is on the road next week. BTW, come see us in New York. Thursday we play at Le Poisson Rouge on Bleeker on Thursday night as part of this special event. We only play a few songs. The next night we are at the Mercury Lounge for two shows. Last I heard, there were still some tickets available for 10:30 show.

You in Chicago, please come down to Schuba’s on July 16, where I will play a solo show. Buy tickets now and sell it out. Maybe I will add another. This is a one-off while I am in town for another event.

And the next week, if you are around Long Island, a bunch of my old childhood/junior high friends are meeting for a reunion kickball tournament (graduates of rival elementary schools head-to-head!) in my old hometown, Huntington, NY, for charity. We should all be at a bar in Huntington Village on July 24, playing the covers of our youth.

6 thoughts on “Covers of the Week 81 + 82 Sweet Tuesday Morning and Tuesday’s Gone”

  1. Bill-I remember you played this at Iota in VA a few years back at the end of another song, saying the chords were the same. It sounded awesome, I wish you could talk BT into doing a full-on rock version, I think it would kill.

  2. Hey Bill…the apes are coming to see the late show in NYC…hopefully at least 3 of the four apes anyway. Honestly, really looking foward to it. It's been too long since we've seen BT. Would love to see 'The Bus' live…just sayin'.

    As far as the bar in Huntington on July 24th, any hint as to which bar it might be? That's my old stomping grounds, many moons ago. To see Bill J. play in his home town: that's a must see.

    As far as the covers…wow, acoustic Skynyrd…nice job. Not familiar with the other song but it sounds great too.

  3. I like the Badfinger song, but your take on the Skynyrd song is superb. The twangy guitars, excellent harmonies, and for some reason, perhaps the tube preamps and microphone you use but there is terrific headroom on your recordings.

    Halfway through the second listen I realized why you like that Skynyrd song, and maybe its intentional and maybe not, but it sounds like it could be in the Rolling Stones Catalog when you play it, and that makes for a great interpretation.

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