Cover of the Week 75 & 76 Merle and Sundress

Yeah, been remiss, wid da cuvah da week. Buff Tom and real estate (and I believe I still have a family) been keeping me busy. So, I make it up with a two-fer (as they say in the south — here they say “too-fuh”). And, in the great annals of famous duos — Simon and Garfunkel, Penn and Teller, Shaver (father and son), Sigfried and Roy — my son, Will, joins me as “The Wolverine.” I hope he does not remind you too much of Rudy Guliani’s son, or for that matter, any Yankee’s “fans.” I just realized he is cut out of the embedded video. Click it to see widescreen

I promise to get back to the “hi fi,” studio, non-video versions of the CoTW as soon as BT record done and day job real estate high season passes. Who cares?

Yeah, I love Merle Haggard. That’s the first song. I love spring. And I love past youth, I wrote this song about spring in the spring of my youthful spring, when I was young. In spring. So I wrote “Sundress” with Buff Tom. That’s second.

Click to see wide screen:


Rudy’s kid:


5 thoughts on “Cover of the Week 75 & 76 Merle and Sundress”

  1. .: Just a quick note to say thanks. Just watched the video with the two tunes. Sundress is a nice uplifting tune and today is the first really warm day here in Edmonton (13C and sunny!) so its CoTW offering is perfectly timed. Nice work on the Haggard song. I enjoyed your comment to Wee Will about "unmasking himself", thus revealing his secret identity.

    It's a privilege to be on the receiving end of the videos and songs that feature your children – thanks for giving us a glimpse into that important part of your life. BTW, the sunglasses adds a mystique to your performing persona which I love.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Left or Right Bill?

    Perhaps our offspring will continue on in the tradition of Lincoln/Douglas…. Lincoln being a Republican and Spy Ponder of course.

  3. great. what about a Eddie Cochran cover ? that would be cool. think your voice would suit that well

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