Cover of the Week 74 Nothing Can Change This Love

Sam Cooke’s amazing “Nothing can Change This Love. Please excuse the hat/glasses. This was recorded in the morning. I don’ look pretty in the morning. I’m doing you a favor.


6 thoughts on “Cover of the Week 74 Nothing Can Change This Love”

  1. One of my favorite songs ever, Sam Cooke was amazing.
    JoJo plays an excellent version on his best album.

  2. Hi Bill !
    I just wanna say : "great and fantastic" !
    I'm Thomas from Jettators (a French indie rock band). I'm a fan of Buffalo Tom and all your solo albums. I work on a split CD with my band and my small label (Smoky Dale Records). Just want to know if you're interested to give us a song (Bill Janovitz or Buffalo Tom) to put it on a split with Jettators. Check it out here :

    Cheers !


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