Cover of the Week 68 Bless Your Foolish Heart

June 2010

No big essay/diatribe/rant this week. I’ve been mostly in negativeland and do not wish to sew bad vibes. I do enough of that. And anyway, I wrote a bit about the author of this week’s cover, Jesse Winchester, back in this post.

Buy the record for chrissakes.

I also have a great version he did on a Live From Mountain Stage record.

Here is all I have to say about this song in particular: I think every married guy I know feels like this. I guess I know of no one currently stuck in an unhappy marriage. The first time I felt like this, I was 20. I married her. I didn’t mess around trying to find other options.

Seriously — the best choice I have ever made. Everyone who knows me will surely attest to the veracity. And it was pure luck.


7 thoughts on “Cover of the Week 68 Bless Your Foolish Heart”

  1. I married a guy who feels that way — but, I feel the same…I'm just as foolish and he's totally worthy.

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