(non) Cover of the Week 64

Some folks requested this one over at Facebook. Had a few minutes, so here you go, a bonus non-CoTW. I was a bit more dolled up than the “Porchlight” clip in below post.


11 thoughts on “(non) Cover of the Week 64”

  1. Any chance you could post an audio version of these? Or a video version that we can download?

    Hard to put this on my MP3 player!


  2. Thanks for the vidtomp3.com pointer – works well. I am really liking these acoustic versions of Buffalo Tom songs. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  3. Bill,
    Thank you….
    Crueler is my all-time favorite Buffalo Tom tune.
    It's a masterpiece….no matter how you wanna play it. It really sums things up for me…
    Thanks you again…
    Bullseye Studio

  4. Hi
    Did anybody happen to get Crueler or Porchlight into MP3 format.
    I keep trying to convert, but this computer is 7 years old….archaic.
    If you have, PLEASE post somewhere.

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