The Giant Kings Scare Me

Last week, after a middling Wednesday of trying to sell and market real estate with mixed results, instead of throwing in the towel and wrapping myself in a Snuggie to watch the Celtics get eliminated, I did the only thing that made sense at the time: shook myself a small, ice-cold martini.

It was just enough to perk me up and make me want to listen to some music. I checked Facebook and was reminded that the greatest band in Boston, The Giant Kings, were playing that night, the second-to-last of a residency at the beloved subterranean Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. These gigs are relatively rare, and seeing as though I am leaving town for a short Buffalo Tom West Coast tour and would miss the final night, I sent out the Bat Signal and managed to round up a foursome to go down and listen to some great music. When you are in your mid-40s, the enormity of this accomplishment on a Wednesday night cannot be overstated. I must also point out that I had already gone out the previous Monday night to see the legendary Echo and the Bunnymen, my 80’s heroes, at the Paradise. Two nights in one week during the busy spring real estate market makes me feel even more boastful. Combine this with the fact that I have been spending more than my usual allotment of nights in rock clubs these past few months while touring with Buff Tom, well, yes, I am beating my chest! (I made it a trifecta with the Feelies at the Middle East on Saturday.) And those bags under my eyes? They are a a badge of honor….

More here at a post I wrote about the incredible Giant Kings

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4 thoughts on “The Giant Kings Scare Me”

  1. Words can't express how great it was to see you in LA at the Troubadour. Thanks for trekking out here and putting on such a high-energy show. You in particular were on fire, Bill.

    And thanks, of course, for the new record. "Out of the Dark" is kind of consuming my mind right now.

  2. Thanks all.

    As for the Echo show, gotta say I was not in the right mood, so I came in on the wrong foot. But I loved them in the Ocean Rain heyday. The show was not like the grand performances on the 1980s, theatrical, enigmatic,powerful. At the Paradise, sound was weak where I was standing. The club was top crowded for me to enjoy. And the band seemed kind of blah. Ian can still sing, though nowhere near what is was able to do. I feel I would have loved th recent performances of Ocean Rain. I realize that the first two records were not my faves.

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