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Hey all — I did an interview with Swiss radio about the CoTW project. You can listen in. Details below:

From Andrea Ragazzo:

Sunday, December 13th, at 15:00, and Thursday, December 17th, at 17:00 PM, both Boston time. The channel is: Rete Tre – RSI (Switzerland) (you can listen to it on streaming on this page clicking on ASCOLTA LA RADIO banner on the right).

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  1. Bill – so the only other time we can hear the interview is on Thursday at 17:00 hrs Boston time (5:00 pm)? That's right in the middle of the work day out here, but I might be able to make the time to listen.

    Listening now to RSI Rete Tre, sounds Italian. I hope there is an archive of the interview posted somewhere in case I/we miss it somehow.

    I agree with Peter, would sure love to see a live (double) CD of Buff T rockin' out!

  2. Because of the covers of the week I regained interest in Buffalo Tom, sorry Bill, I lost you for a while, even though in the late 80's I was fond of your live shows (saw you once in Amsterdam solo too). However, living in Malaysia, Buffalo Tom is even less on the staple as in Europe/US.

    I said in an earlier comment you should do a live cd (preferably a full show, because I believe a selection of songs from different shows never really does give the feel of a full show. Dylan's bootleg series about the Rolling Thunder Revue is a good example of that.

    But fortunately there's some good live stuff of BT online to be found. has seven good shows including some radio sessions I had never heard too. Apparently you do tape shows (some of these shows in that blog are soundboards) so come on, mix it proper and release a good one.

    I have always felt that BT live was much better then in the studio, even though I know you play in the studio as if live.

    I am sure there are more people then me (and Randy) who would love to hear the band live on cd/dvd.


  3. guys — there is plenty of live stuff out there, as you note. Honestly, live records have ALWAYS been relative low sellers, save such anomalies as Frampton Comes Alive, or Cheap Trick at Budokan. So maybe the 4 of you guys, and — being generous — a dozen others will buy it. We are going to have a hard enough time in this current climate of getting a regular record deal for the next project. I really can't imagine anyone else wanting to partner for a live record. And we certainly don't have the time/energy to put one together.

    Cynically and browbeatenly yours,


  4. .: Peter, I wasn't aware of the Mixing Desk resource – fantastic, thank you so much for listing it. Bill, I agree with what you wrote, and understand how browbeaten you and the band must feel about the current state of the recording industry. I prefer to support the artists I like by buying their stuff, but everyone doesn't feel that way. There is a lot of live stuff out there, and the Mixing Desk resource is one I will now use to download for listening on CD and/or iPod.

    Like many other Buff T fans, I *really* hope you can sign a deal for distribution of the next project. From here on in, any new BT material is a total bonus and blessing. That's why I totally digging the track on the Mark Mulcahy record at this time.

    BTW, I've cleared the deck to listen to the Swiss radio broadcast tomorrow. And I deleted my previous post to correct a spelling error.

  5. Randy — Thanks. You're aware that it is of of Mark's songs, yes? It was a Miracle Legion number.

    Thanks for the interest, all. I kind of gave up on a live record a whle ago. My despondence here is only half-jesting.


  6. Bill – you're welcome, of course, and yes, I'm aware that the entire "album" consists of covers of Mark's songs in support of Mark and his twin daughters following his tragic loss. I think 41 songs for $19.99 is more than a fair deal. But it is still a great Buffalo Tom song, cover or otherwise. Can't describe how thrilled I was to hear the song for the first time.

    For other readers unaware of the project, details are here: To get the Buff T cover of "Butterflies", you need to buy the digital version, which includes an extra 21 tracks; you can also buy the single track if you wish. Supports a good cause, and you get some great music. For those like who were not familiar with Mark's music, this is an interesting and unique way to be introduced to his work. (Bill, hope it's ok to plug it here).

  7. Well, I was able to listen to about 10 minutes of the broadcast today. It was all in Italian except when you were talking, Bill! But it was still fun to listen to it. Thanks again for letting us know about the show.

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