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I have a bunch of melodies and chord changes swimming around in iTunes. Every once in a while, I will have my library playing on shuffle and one of my demos will come up. I had unchecked all Buff Tom and my solo tracks from the library so they would not pop up when the music is on shuffle when people are over, which entails me lunging for the remote to skip whatever Janotune comes up. But when I switched computers, I forgot to uncheck.

This one popped up while I was eating lunch and did not send me lunging. I had forgotten it completely. It had the chords and melody and a lot of the words all on that first demo. Sometimes songs need to go away on walkabout for a year or two and peek back in, leaning their head against the door jamb tentatively: “um… you ready for me yet?” What kind of mood is Daddy in?

The rest of the words fell out quickly. How do they fit in LIOTM project? Just another character in the mix, I think. The images are, however, more along the line of Ferlinghetti’s phantasmagoria in the Coney Island of the Mind book of poems which lent this project a bit of inspiration for the title and beyond.

I like it in this stark format. Right now I feel no need to add anything to it in terms of extra instrumentation or vocals. That might change. Listen at the end before the fade and you can hear the hard raindrops against the wooden 1940s forest green-colored bulkhead that sits over the basement door close to my Bomb Shelter recording complex. Oh, here is a photo taken in there the same night.


RIP, Jim Marshall, father of the rock amplifier.



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