New Song: I Know It’s True (Click Title to Read Post)


There she is her arms are crossed

How on earth can she face this loss

Thought I was young and had it made

All my dues had long been paid

See the weeds have grown up high

Where the lovers used to lie

Icy bay to walk across

But nowehere left to go

Little boy long since gone

You need more than a bridge to get back home

He missed steps and missed the train

Got tangled in bramble in his brain

There’s a path we all are on

This I know is true

Left his kids and his wife behind

And he made his way to find…

I will never let you go

Oh, you know it’s true

Yeah, you know it’s true

Well I know it’s true


As always:

More about the overall project here: About: Long Island of the Mind Album section. You can download the file for this song here. Right click/Apple click, “save as.”

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