Signed Exile books

We sold 30-something books at the Exile show last week. I can either return the balance (I ordered 50 to be safe), or I can send out signed copies. If anyone is interested, please email me at I am not sure how much they are to send, but I will figure $2.00. So let’s say they will cost $12. You can send check or money order (or try cash). No bartering yak milk or shoe shines.

6 thoughts on “Signed Exile books”

  1. hey how bout those YANKEES!!!!? Won't be talkin shit on stage in NYC any time soon wiil ya? Love you Massholes….

  2. An amazing and heartwarming tale of the underdog, with only a payroll of $80 million more than their opponent, managing to take pull out their first championship in 9 years — despite maintaining that level of spending — with a rag tag team of admitted steroid users and lovable gamers like Joba. How can one not be swept up in the euphoria?

    No, I guess I won't be "talkin shit on stage in NYC soon." Just the next time we get there, "Anonymous." Don't be ashamed to be a Yankees fan. You can hold your head up again and come out of the shadows cast by the Biggest Choke in Sports History! Remove your mask! Reveal your true identity! Take pride again in being a member of Yankeedom! For the world will once again love you!

  3. As a Phillies fan, I appreciate the snappy comeback. Oh, and Mike H's link led to the kind of annoying pop-ups that give one the choice of clicking yes to continue or no to continue.

  4. Meh, what are you gonna do. I'm a Yankee fan been one since I was 6 years old, I'm now 40…what am I gonna do stop rooting for them cause they spend a lot of money. My wife spends a lot of money. She has plenty of other redeeming qualities. It's the system, so hate the system. You're not one of those commies who want's to put a cap on peoples earnings are you?…lol

    Anyway nice idea about the books, I already own one so maybe I'll get mine autographed on the NY stop of "BT Shit Talks There Way Across The USA Tour!"

  5. Oh Bill, rag tag team of steroid users? Sounds like the 04 Sox, what with Manny & Papi on the juice and Pedro beating up a 70 year old man.

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