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I had intended one more song. But this is not it. So there will be one more after this, if I can ever make into the studio to finish off what a friend of mine affectionately (I hope) calls a “rock opera.” It is certainly not that. I know it is pretentious enough to have all the songs conceptually linked in some indulgent and maudlin exercise in nostalgia. But what else is the home recording revolution good if not self-indulgence?

This here is a song that has been kicking around for a few years. But I have tweaked the lyrics and radically altered the musical approach and arrangement.

I hope to be done editing the Rolling Stones book within the next month or so, which will allow me to redirect my attention to finishing off and packaging hard copies of this record, likely as a vinyl release with accompanying download.

As always:

More about the overall project here: About: Long Island of the Mind Album section. You can download the file for this song here. Right click/Apple click, “save as.”

Previous songs collected here. Please pass along to others and spread the word. I have no publicist!

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