Cover of the Week 45 & 46 Losing End/Cortez the Killer

By on 9-14-2009 in CoTW, Cover of the Week Project

I always loved when our friends in the band Fuzzy pulled out Neil Young’s “Losing End” in their sets. What a great old song, and really cool when sung by Hilken Mancini and Chris Toppin — two women’s voices in place of Neil’s and Danny Whitten’s.

You’ll have to forgive my version. It slips a bit out of tune almost from the get-go. But it was late night and I didn’t notice until playback. I didn’t want to do it over. And I was inspired to keep going after the end to slide into a Neil medley. So settle back. Send the kids off for bed. This is an epic. It’s like an album side. Double shot.

When Tom Maginnis was a high school kid, his older brother and his buds would use code for going to smoke pot: “Wanna go listen to some Neil?” It comes in useful to this day. Not that I admit to using illicit drugs, never mind advocate…