(non)Cover of the Week 39 Your Stripes

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When Buffalo Tom played this past June, in addition to showcasing some new songs, we wanted to open up a bit and work on some less-often-played numbers from the past. One such song was “Your Stripes,” from Sleepy Eyed. I loved playing and singing it and it was one that many friends remarked on afterward. But even so, it goes by so fast and loud that it does not allow a whole lot of listening to and enjoying the lyric. While I don’t think it is Shakespeare or Dylan, I do think it is a nice little lyric, so why not give it the acoustic treatment for a (non)Cover of the Week?

The record was released in 1995, which makes me think I wrote the song in 1993 or so. It is an oddly nostalgic theme for a 27 year-old. Those of you following along at home will agree that this is a recurring theme and it makes me wonder if I was in the moment and enjoying those prime years enough. But singing it today brings me to the conclusion that I was nostalgic for the very period about which I was singing; I could feel it going by. But I also realized that nostalgia fools us into thinking all in the past is wine and roses.

Another thing that I am reminded of is that sometimes you hear a guy singing in a band and you assume he is singing about a woman. Sometimes, though, he is singing about his band.

Your Stripes mp3

For those of you with greedier ears, here it is in .wav format

Let me know if that makes a big difference for any of you.