“Johnsburg, Illinois”: Cover of the Week 2

By on 11-29-2008 in CoTW, Cover of the Week Project, Uncategorized

Well! Since you were all so responsive and nice in the first installment, I have a bonus song. It is so short and faithful to Tom Waits’ original version (my $10 guitar instead of piano & bass) that it can only really count for a bonus one. Except this is one of my all-time favorite songs and therefore counts as, like, 3 to me. And anyway, you might as well keep going when you have the time. I had the mic set up and everything. And I am sure I am not going to make it some weeks. But it is my New Year’s resolution to keep to it. I get extra points for starting early.

I decided to just go ahead and go for something “late ’70s singer-songwriter moody.” So here is the $10 guitar.