By on 9-04-2007 in Uncategorized

Hey all — Not sure what this blog will be ultimately, but I envision it as a step up from the web page and message board, as well as my newsletters. Maybe it will replace the board and newsletter, or maybe I will just send out a new link to the newsletter when I make a new post. I think you can subscribe via RSS feeds.

As for content, I think of this as a place to share some tunes I am listening to, some images on my mind, perhaps some of my daly outrage. maybe even some works in progress. To that end, my next post includes some words, music, and Blackberry snapshots from my Labor day weekend. I will also share some tour images and thoughts.

At the risk of this becoming an adolescent-level journal, I would still rather err towards sharing some of my raw inspiration. But please don’t take it as any more than that, even though some of this might end up in finished songs someday, most of it will be “of the moment,” and hoping to achieve some web-based Zen. Most of the time, though, I know I will swing and miss. Just like most of life. If we bat .300, we are doing great.

Speaking of which, just back from a great Sox v. Jays game pitched by Beckett. A win.