CoTW 91 for Billy My Sweet Lord

By on 10-29-2010 in CoTW, Cover of the Week Project, Uncategorized

Some recently unearthed Billy Ruane-related videos. This first one is the gig I mentioned in the last post, when Billy booked us for one of, if not our first Boston gig. You can see the cash flying when he throws money at us during the song. There here is on stage after, in full MC mode. “My Sweet Lord” for Billy’s cover.


The second one is from his birthday party. Unfortunately, Billy’s intro gets cut off at the top and you can only catch a glimpse of his dancing near the very ed. I am sure there are better videos to show that particular talent. The dates seem off on these. The first one is definitely closer to 1987, as I am playing my old amp and I know we had few gigs before that. In the other one, we are paying a song from our second record, Birdbrain. It was probably brand new. And I am playing through the Marshall amp, which was not obtained until later. This is called rock anthropology.