CoTW 92 — Annie

November 2010

I have been thinking a lot about mortality this year. I am sure many of you have been as well. Starting to see more friends leaving. I have discussed this in this space already, so no need for the site to be a repository of a singular obsession.

And yet, here is a beautiful autumnal song by Ronnie Lane, apparently co-written by Eric Clapton (and Kit Lambert?), from the album Rough Mix that Ronnie recorded in collaboration with Pete Townshend. It is a sleeper gem. Thanks to my buddy, Rick Wells, for handing it to me. I had heard a bit of it back in the 1980s when one ore more friend had it in their collection. But I never picked it up for some reason or another. The greats like Pete and Ronnie put out so much music, so much of it great, it is hard to keep up. When I was a kid, I only had about two decades of rock & roll to catch up with. Now a person starting a band that cares deeply enough has four or more decades to survey. And that is just rock & roll. Never mind all the great jazz, folk, etc. It is all there for you, kids. Go get it.

I am afraid my recording is not pristine. There is some distortion. Often, I am trying to rush these things in between other commitments such as soccer coaching, day jobbing, Buff Tomming, etc.

8 thoughts on “CoTW 92 — Annie”

  1. A song my mom would hear coming from my bedroom and yell, "you are finally playing something I could listen to."

    Heart To Hang On To
    Keep Me Turning
    My Baby Gives it Away
    April Fool

    Some great songs.

    I guess if it was made today it would be called Pete and Ronnie's roots album.

  2. Dearest Bill,
    There hasn't been a time in my life since stumbling upon your music where it hasn't been deeply embedded in the DNA of why I love songs and the people who make them.

    I am sitting here writing this with a glass a wine and all the vinyl versions of your music that I have, wanting more. And being that you're lucky enough to be part of the me that made a pact with myself to never let a moment go by without letting those who've impacted me, that they've done so… and since you're one of those people, here I am saying it.

    Stumbled upon this space, and will continue to check it out, and let you know that someone out here, really flippin' cares about the stuff you've done. Then, now, and tomorrow.

    And if you care to touch base back, by all means you can find me on twitter (john_teeter), Facebook and here

    But if nothing else, read this comment and know the ripple you made.

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  4. Oh man, for me this is an absolutely cherished song, from a cherished album — I think Fricke put Rough Mix in his, what, 'Overlooked' ? column in Rolling Stone some years back.
    It's about his housekeeper I believe. Rent 'The Passing Show' if you haven't… some very heartfelt remembrances of Ronnie in there (much like the Strummer postmortem doc, It also features his friends playing his songs around a fire)

    Once I finally figured out I could actually play a little guitar, I started covering this song and 'April Fool'.
    Let the pikers do 'Itchycoo Park,' these songs are more near and dear.

    Thanks so much, Bill. …

    Hey Claire I'll take the gig .. Bill's kinda busy, : /


  5. "rough mix" is one of those albums that you just fall in love with.such wonderful really have to/want to play the whole damn thing.i'd like to hear "heart to hang on to" with the bufftom/crownvic ensemble.dedicated to billy ruane.good job.

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