Cover of the Week 52 American Girl

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I guess it has been a full year of these. Not quite, as I believe it counts a couple of bonuses. I don’t think I specified that I would only do it for a year, however. And while it has not always been easy to crank one out during some particular weeks, it has not been an unmanageable task and it has even provided a nice exercise for me on days/nights when I might otherwise just resign myself and surrender to the inertia of the easy chair. So I will keep it going indefinitely. But I do feel that the accomplishment of 52 in less than a full year ought to allow me a little slack moving forward. While I will try to stay on the weekly schedule, I might be OK with missing a week here and there, or posting more previously recorded live covers.

Back to a guy with his guitar for this week’s cover. Some kids requested some Tom Petty in the request post down below (85 replies!) I have a funny relationship to the music of Petty. The Heartbreakers were one of those ubiquitous radio staples growing up. I remember going into the record store when I was in junior high and seeing a life-sized cut-out of Tom for Damn the Torpedoes. And I had a little red “Damn the Torpedoes” button/badge that they were handing out. I liked all of those songs back then. But I never felt compelled to buy the records. I had to be discerning with which records I bought with the money from my paper route. I still needed some cash for two slices of Sicilian and a small Coke at DiRaimo’s Pizza.

And then I totally lost interest in Petty as he and the Heartbreakers morphed into less-straightforward pop. I loved them as a lean, mean, garage jangle-pop, folk-rock band. Anything relating to Jeff Lynne sends me running in the other direction, including Traveling Wilburys. So I have not liked much of the Petty music that came after the early-80s. Not even Wildflowers does much for me. But I do like the Mudcrutch record quite a bit.

So here is one of the all-time great late-’70s/early-’80s radio hits. I have been covering this for as long as I can remember. I love playing it with the SessionAm boys acoustically as well. So here is a guy and his guitar.

I think I have to finally give up on singing in the key of D.