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Hi all — I have been getting requests to detail the recording set up I use. If there are any other questions you want answered regarding the blog, let me know under comments and I will try to answer. By the way, I have been recording the most recent Buffalo Tom guitar and vocal overdubs at home with this gear. Thanks.

Recording gear:

Software: Pro Tools LE 7.3 for Mac
Input: Original 2-input MBox

I am hoping to upgrade the software to PT8 and maybe the input hardware as well – soon. I will have to update Mac to Leopard and PT 8 all at once. I don’t think I have it in me right now and am wary of disrupting BT overdubs. Knowing how things go for me in this department, I will be on support phone calls for 3 days.

Until the cover of “Brown-Eyed Women,” I was using an Audio Technica 33-R small diaphragm condenser microphone, which I have used on acoustics, electrics, and vocals since the mid-1990s recording on my ADAT. I believe this mic cost me around $110. Recently, BT purchased a boutique version of the classic Neumann U47 large diaphragm tube mic. This one is made by Peluso and is the 22 47. I have used this on acoustics and vocals starting on “Brown-Eyed Women.” I think it sounds great. I don’t have a fine enough ear to comment with authority, but I am amzed that the 33-R captures as much as it does and can even compare to this Peluso, which is a thing of beauty. More here on the Peluso on NPR.

When recording acoustics and vocals with either microphone, I run the signal through a little Bellari tube pre-amp to warm it up.

My acoustic is the one I have used exclusively for years, a jumbo body Guild JF-30

For electrics, mostly my Marshall JCM 800 100 watt, used for 20 years, or a little Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp. Gibson SG from late 1960s; Fender Tele Deluxe from ’70s; Hohner Les Paul from 1970s, before they were sued by Gibson; etc.

For monitors, I thank my buddy Matt for lending me his pair of powered Event Project Studio 6.

Someone asked about my pedals. They are constantly changing. Right now and for most of the past 15 years, I use couple of Klon Centaur distortion pedals.

I use Boss and/or Line 6 modulation (tremolo; phase shifter; Leslie) pedals, in addition to owning vintage and reissue Electro Harmonix pedals.

I also use A/B switches to switch a second amp on and off when playing live.

That’s pretty much it. The Bomb Shelter “studio” is an office of about 15 X 10 feet and the actual bomb shelter is a slightly smaller space that is mainly used for storage — all concrete and I use to record at night as an isolation booth to not disturb the family.

6 thoughts on “FAQ on the Cover of the Week project”

  1. Looks like you may need that bomb shelter pretty soon Bill, what with all the tough talk from Iran and North Korea lately. I thought we were just gonna sit down with these "nations" and talk to them and everything would be fine. Hmmm…guess not.

    Anyway, got any extra room in there for me and mine?

  2. Thanks for the quick super quick turnaround on this request Bill, it is much appreciated!!! I am glad to see I am not the only curious one. I am not to worrided about Iran and NK, but can I sit in on one of your BT recordings? Awww, come one, just once??? ;b


  3. Bill: How was the gig last night? I saw Michael P's pictures, they looked great.

    Thanks for posting the details of what you use to record. I have a MacBook and have never used GarageBand. I'm curious about the Pro Tools software and the MBox. I'm unfamiliar with these. Do you run the mikes and guitars through the MBox into the Mac? The details you've provided have encouraged me to investigate these components further. I plan to buy another MacBook in a year, and will consider the software and MBox as add-ons, so to speak.

  4. Randy — Yeah, the mics go into the Mbox, either via a tube pre or direct. I think the Mbox2 is more better, apparently. So far, I love the new Pro Tools 8 software. Easier to comp vocals and has a new suite of plug-ins.

  5. The electric info is great. I saw most of it up close at the Paradise and it sounded great. I always liked the SG and the effects, especially when turned up to 11.

    You may be interested in the film It Might Get Loud, due out in Aug 2009. It's a documentary on the electric guitar from three guitar heros (Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge). I can't hardly wait.

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