Cover of the Week 27 Lodi

Not much time to ramble on this week, Cutting to the chase, one of my oldest faves, CCR’s Lodi.

Here is an old review
I wrote of the song, about 8 years ago.

8 thoughts on “Cover of the Week 27 Lodi”

  1. Bill – another great job. I listen to these all the time but never comment, thought I’d drop by and say thanks for doing it and I hope you keep them coming… I look forward to them

  2. Bill, as always, this is beautiful! “Lodi” is one of my favorite CCR songs and my husband’s absolute favorite CCR song. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. Thanks as always, Bill. Also enjoyed the review. I’d never listened closely to the words back in the day, so your review brought the song to life for me. I was a big CCR fan then, I remember winning a copy of Willie and the Poor Boys when I was in high school. When I walked back to my seat in the gym, my best pal Pete Smalley flipped me the bird because he wanted to win it. 🙂

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