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Kids — What’s it gonna take to get these babies moving? See the link over on the right. Is it design? Price? What’s holding back all but the most dedicated from purchasing? You name it, I will make it happen. Testimonials from those lucky consumers who have chosen to do the right thing and buy one of these would be great to see as well.

Keep the love flowing….B

15 thoughts on “Part Time Man of Rock T Shirts”

  1. I bought one, and i stay all the way away in Scotland. It’s near on impossible to get t-shirts over here to show your allegiance to your favourite music and the airwaves are full of MTV pop nonsence and something the kids call grime (?)

    Buy one to prove to the world that you have taste in music

  2. My wife gets angry when I wear my PTMOR shirt in public because I get stopped in the street by women wanting to talk about it. “That’s so hot,” is the refrain heard up and down Mass. Ave from Dorchester to Lexington.

    Dude, you need one of these shirts. Now.

  3. I have been procrastinating on two fronts: doing my taxes, and buying a PTMOR shirt. Yesterday I knocked both off the list. Is the shirt tax-deductible for next year?

  4. Think it was Bills daughter holding up her dads shirt that got me off the couch…that and Bill deserves the support for so many years of great music…thanks!

  5. I bought one and since my vision has been 20/15, chicks dig me, and men want to be like me.

    If you need any help on sizing Randy and I will be glad to help.

  6. .: I bought two, one is still fresh and new and not yet worn, I’m saving it for a potential gig in June or July. I am spreading the PTMOR word amongst my friends, wore the shirt to band practice this week. And like Mike said, he and I are happy to help size them for anyone who wants one. Babes on campus want to know where they can find Bill.

    Evidence of the shirt in use is here, here, and here, for example.

    If you don’t have one, you must get one. C’mon – 23 CotW’s and counting, what more incentive do you need?

  7. I just bought one myself, love the blog and cant wait to get the shirt. I appreciate the ever important 2 and 3XL options as I am a part time man of laziness myself.

  8. I was an early adopter. Small price to pay to keep the blogs and covers coming. Trying to explain to my 8 year-old daughter what a “part-time man of rock” is kicked off a fun hour-long conversation.

  9. Okay, I bought one, but if you’re curious, $25 is a lot for a t-shirt – even one that I’ll be proud to wear as your work is truly meaningful to me and my friends who have similar good taste (and your viagra like endurance with this singles project is impressive). Band T’s are simply not worth it – low margins, a hassle to cart around, and folks just don’t buy them like they used to. Rock on in your badass part time fashion.

  10. Okay, based on my friend’s feedback – I’m being miserly and could possibly give the impression that I’m not appreciative of this treasure trove of cool covers. That friend has now also bought a T.

  11. Your solicitation resulted in me purchasing 2 – one as a gift. Now that I have lost all bargaining power as paypal has already grabbed the funds, my terms are this:
    – Play Chicago before the 2016 Olympics and;
    – Wear something hot for the gig

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