Cover of the Week 21 You Won’t See Me

Taking on the sacred cow, here is my version of “You Won’t See Me.” Yes, by the Beatles. Sorry kids. A little rough ’round the edges, this one. Also, I will spare you my weekly ramble-nalia for now. I am sure I can tie some rant to this cover. “It was Liverpool, 1959, when I first saw four gents walk into the Cavern Club…”

4 thoughts on “Cover of the Week 21 You Won’t See Me”

  1. Great backing vocals on this one. It’s weird I didn’t actually realise that I love Ringo’s drumming and his fills on this song. But when they’re not there I’m miss them like an old friend. Ringo you are awesome and hideously underrated.

  2. Bill, it is rough around the edges, which is what gives it its heart. The backing vocals are great, in all the “right” places. Thank you for recording a CotW by my all-time favorite band.

    The Beatles’ airplane landed in Winnipeg in the mid-60s to refuel or something. That’s as close as I got to them. But there is a woman in my office who was in the audience at CBS the first night they played Sullivan in Feb 64. She was a kid, and only remembers adults jumping up in front of her and screaming.

  3. BTW, I created a playlist on my iTunes player for the 21 CotW songs and just noticed the total time:

    1 hour 31 minutes 46 seconds.

    It’s like you’ve given us a double-album!

    Thanks for all the great tunes.

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