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Mike dropped in on Buffalo Tom while we were in the studio the other night recording a cover for a tribute record — more details to come later — and dropped off his new solo CD. It has one of my favorite songs of the year so far, “Paper Knives.” The title is coincidentally the name of a song I have made as a demo for Buff Tom. But they are very different songs. Mike’s is up on that Myspace link, along with some other great ones from a great new disc.

Many of you are already fans of the Figgs, and/or the Gentlemen, or know him from his guitar-playing alongside us Hot Stove Cool Music diehards. He is an encyclopedia of pop music, has a hilarious sardonic sense of humor, and is a rock lifer. We were privileged to have him the last night at Toad. If you don’t know Mike, let this be the tip of the iceberg for you — go find all the back catalog Figgs and Gentlemen stuff.

Cover of the Week will be perhaps a day or so late this week. Day job interference. Real estate is busy — believe it or not.

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  1. Wow…hard to believe that real estate is busy right now! Who in God’s name has money to buy a home in this ever sinking economy?

    Hey, how about doing a cover of your Crown Vic song “Sinking” as that would be in fitting with the current times. Or, perhaps reposting “Slip Slidin’ Away” might be appropriate. Or, how about a cover of anything by Rush. Anything by Rush would be right!

  2. .: Bill – I’ll check out Mike’s MySpace site, thanks for directing us there.

    Re: covers. I’ve been a huge John Martyn fan for 35+ years, and was really saddened by his passing recently. I was thinking that you might consider covering a tune of his sometime, I think hearing your take on one of his classics would be fascinating. The tunes I’m thinking of specifically are Bless the Weather, and Head and Heart (which was covered by America on their second album, which led me to discover the rest of his catalogue at that time). Another one would be May You Never.

    Anyway, I know you have suggestions piling up from your fan base, but wanted to add my 2 (Canadian) cents.

    Nice to hear that the real estate biz is kicking into gear in Boston. Good luck with that.

    The PTMOR shirts are being worn proudly. Had a couple questions about the shirt today at dim sum. Photo to come shortly.

    Have a good week.

    – Randy

  3. really looking forward to that tribute album…any idea of release date? Hope to get one before the fly away like butterflies….oh, snap! see what I did there?

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