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When Buffalo Tom started to take a bit of a hiatus that ended up lasting 7 years or so, one of the things I did was start writing a bit more, mostly song reviews for the site When I say “reviews,” they are mainly essays on why I love the songs. I think I did over 300 of them. I sort of forget which ones I did and should link to the ones that I am covering here. But these go back almost 10 years. They were mostly written between 1999-2001. So here are some of them thus far:

Whispering Pines

Till The Next Goodbye

Little Mascara

Agnes, Queen of Sorrow

Boots of Spanish Leather

Straight to Hell

Hardly Getting Over it

Valentines Day

1 thought on “Song Reviews/Covers of the Week”

  1. Bill,

    I have been loving your covers of the week to the point where I’ve felt there was no need to write anything. I’ve just been happy to tune in. I must post now though and say some of the song choices are fantastic. Whispering Pines. F*k me. What a song and I don’t usually swear.

    There’s a buzz on this site at the moment which is great, it keeps me interested in Buffalo Tom and makes me look forward to another record. Maybe playing all these covers will influence the writing of the new album.

    Anyway I wanted to ask one question. Do you get paid for writing the Allmusic guide reviews?

    I only ask because I absolutely love blabbering on about my favourite music, infact I’ve done probably done it on this very message board a few times. Usually I get a bit over emotional about it but I think I could channel the massive passion I have for the subject into a well informed review…maybe.

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