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Bill Janovitz and Crown Victoria “Part Time Man of Rock” t shirt, as modeled by Lucy. Get ’em while they last. Available at Toad tonight and online. Support the band. God knows the pay ain’t much otherwise. AND NO COVER at TOAD!


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  1. Do not into that large night go gracefully. Fight the urge to eat the pis a la mode finished up with a bottle of stout. Refuse to be sedentary. I too am well acquainted with this night. It gets no easier to keep the midriff at bay.

    But Mike H. bought an XL last night and that should suite him fine, no need for XXL, he exaggerates and will, by July, be able to fit into a medium.

    We sold a bunch last night. These are expensive shirts to make. Is $20/shirt at a show too much to ask? I am looking for objective opinions. the price also allows me to not have to worry about making change as well. And..no cover at these Toad shows.

    Thanks to all who came down. I had a blast, as always.

  2. Just watching and listenting to the rock and roll tour de force last night withered me down to a large. By the Ides of March I shall be mere skin and bones.

    As the large African man testified during court scene in the film epic “Airplane!”: “Bro Striker was on.”

    I will have the wife on curfiew next Friday night so we can make it to the end next time. Boston’s Boss and the Black Rose the night before wore me lady out.

  3. Oh… and $20 bucks in this age of deflated currency is a reasonble price to charge. Once again Bill you can blame it on Bush.

    Christ a large foo foo pizza at the Uppidy Crust and few sodas cost you 20 bucks. Can you wear a pizza with pride around town for years to come? No. The toppings would fall off. Can you wear out a pizza for 10 years until your wife secretly dreams of throwing the tattered and sullied top out? The answers are no, no, and a big fat frikin’ no. Cough up the dough people, put the shirt on, and stick your chest out. The man might be working part time but the man is working hard. Double time.

    On top of all that….20 bucks is a mere pittance to pay for the ability to irritate jaded tripes who foolishly see rock shirts a projection of adolecent fantasy and token symbols of hero worship.

  4. Bill, I think $20/shirt is a very fair price. When I attend shows like Steely Dan at the Beacon Theatre, etc., those shirts are, like $30-35. When I saw Bob Mould last March in San Fran, I think the shirt for his tour was about $20-25. So $20 is totally reasonable as far as I’m concerned. Add a reasonable price for shipping to Canada, and I’m down for two when you make them available, even with the nasty exchange rate right now. Wearing the shirt proudly will at least let me imagine having been at the shows, and I’ll wear it the next time I perform with the band in town here.

    How big is Mike? Bill, you’ve seen my pic here and on Facebook, can I get away with a Large?

    As for the rest of you who are able to go to the Toad to watch these shows, my envy knows no boundaries. You lucky dogs.

  5. Randy,

    If this helps 5’10 220. It is decieving however. A good chunk of my wieght is in my legs as they are well formed and powerful. Think late 70’s to early 90’s goalie before ligher gear and butterfly style took over the NHL. Normal heights but still sort of squat. Not the 6’4′ freaks you see today who sans pads look like stick figures aided by space age lightweight protection. [Which hurt the game by the way.] I joined the game when pads were still made of horse hair and leather so at an early age my legs began to freakishly form while the rest of me lagged behind. Think of a Tyranasurs rex or perhaps the lower half of Conan the Barbarain as he drove the wheel.

    Don’t let my digression fool you too much however. Most people guess I weigh 200 lbs if that helps.

    XL fits me perfect right now but I am afraid if I wash it I will need to lose about 10 which isn’t a bad thing. I planned on losing 35 a few weeks ago and am almost a third of the way there. These rock shows and the multiple pints required are no help Bill. Probably part of a plan as you will roll out the XXL’s at the end of this run so you can double dip on me. Somewhere in you is an evil capitalist I know it. Which is far far worse than being a “closet lefty” in my estimation.

  6. Mike: your description helps a lot, and as a long-time Habs fan, I appreciate the comparison to past goaltending greats in the NHL. I remember them well. (BTW, your Bruins are seriously beating up on the rest of the league this year, and I regret Gainey’s decision to let Michael Ryder go last year. I knew he would rebound with the Bruins).

    Anyway, I’m 5’9″, and around 195 (but dropping like you), and I’m thinking I could get away with an L, but am also concerned about the washing and shrinking afterwards. (Also like you, no one thinks I look like I weigh as much as I do). Perhaps Lucy could model all sizes for us! 🙂

  7. Large would work then for 195 and going in the right direction. I got 25 on you right now and XL worked out great. Don’t get too lost in my whimsical self decription and excuses.

  8. Bill, Mike, thanks for the advice. I was 215, am down to 195, and heading continually downward. Already dropped a pant size in the past few months. So I ordered 2 L, and there appears to be no shipping charge, which is very sweet. Looking forward to wearing the shirt and spreading the Part Time Man of Rock gospel to the masses accordingly.

  9. The website isn’t working. Is it because you don’t believe people in England appreciate the good stuff ? We’re not all Simon Cowell, you know…

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