T-Shirts on the Way for the February Toad Shows

A nice guy named Thomas has a sports apparel company and has offered to make some t-shirts using Stephen Dowling’s picture that makes it seem that I rock the stadiums and the coliseums. He might do some fulfillment of mail orders, but we have not gotten that far yet. I think we’ll start with 100 for the shows. But if we get a lot of orders, we will make more. Keep your eye on this post and I will edit with more information as it becomes available.

3 thoughts on “T-Shirts on the Way for the February Toad Shows”

  1. Hi Bill. I’d love to be at those shows, without a doubt. Distance prevents that, of course, but I’ll be very interested in one, probably two of the shirts at least, if they do become available by mail order. Thanks in advance for keeping us posted.

  2. i too am much too far away to attend your stateside shows, but i would definately like 1 or 2 of those.

    Please help out the heavier fans out there with an ample sized chest to proudly wear Janovitz merch on their casual clothes days at work

    i’ll keep checking back for updates

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