Another, Younger Janovitz

This is my brother, Tom. I was 16 when he was born. That makes him, lemme see…12.

Lovely voice, lovely guitar. Sort of Ry Cooder meets John Fahey.


7 thoughts on “Another, Younger Janovitz”

  1. Man, what a musical family! Bill, is there ever any discussion about recording an album or going on the road with Scott, Tom and Paul as the Janovitz Brothers? The heck with the Jonas Brothers, this is the family with the real talent!

  2. Midwestern boy, desires Moderation, Truth

    And now the wikipedia page called “List of resonator guitar players” is updated… 🙂 Who’s gonna be the one to update Tom’s wikipedia bio page?

  3. Wow, a Janovitz bros. album! How great would that be!

    Hey Paul, how would one go about getting a copy of Cold Water Flat’s first disc? I see on the myspace page a couple of the songs seem to be availaible to purchase for download, but why not the whole album?


  4. hey kevin.

    this show friday is not a Sodafrog show. it’s scott janovitz’s band, The Great Bandini, show. it’s a holiday show of sorts and i’m there to sing back up, shake the bells, and such.

    i’ll bring the EP though. just didn’t want any confusion. i’ll be playing again in the new year. you can check the myspace site for updates as well as my blog site.

    happy holidays,

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