Congratulations Bandini, Low Anthem, Ed V., Billy B and so many others…..

I want to say, hey, congratulations to my brother, Scott, and his band, the Great Bandini, for winning best local song, “One and One.” Also, I recall loving Wait Until Spring, Bandini, from John Fante, back when I read it close to 20 years back.

Also, I have to say you should check out The Low Anthem, who won best new act. I picked up their record, What the Crow Brings, which is delicious. But I really look forward to the new collection, which can be previewed at their myspace: very pretty songs. This is especially recommended for people that liked the Show People CD from Chris Toppin, me, Phil, Dean, Paul, Mike, et. al. But if you like Waits, Dylan, the new kids with all that string band stuff, etc., I think you might like some of their songs a great deal.

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