Tears of Rage, Tears of Grief


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  1. “Your leader, our leader” Dear Leader is playing the dise’ on January 16th. Das Leader on his blog posted this link to a song by the opening act Faces on Film. It is on youtube. I have only heard it through a cheap dell lap top speaker and it is amazing. Is it the guy’s voice? The song? The combination of the big room causing an echo that somehow sounds pleasant through the individually bad mediums but somehow sound great collectively? Is it as simple as Dave Davies cutting his woofer with a razorblade? I must buy the record to find out. I was looking forward to this show anyway and now I can’t wait to hear this guy sing live in a big room.


  2. My apologies to Bill in usurping his blog for this…

    Hey Mike H. have you heard about the NASC reunion happining at Jose McIntyre's this Sat. Nov. 29th? Just wanted to get the word out – I hear that John & Jay will even play a set! Should be fun – there seems to be a good list of people going – if you are on FaceBook I can send you more details…hope to see you there.

    ~ Chris K.

    Thanks Bill…back to your blog, which I enjoy very much 🙂

  3. Fear not Chris. It all ties in as Jay is the brother of Dear Leader’s fantastic drummer and all around great guy Paul Buckley.

    Unfortunately that night is my 20 year reunion from High School. Do you remember Jake? I know there will be a good representation of Beta Chi Gamma a-holes there at Jose Mac’s. Are they too old to get in a fight at that infamous bucket of blood white hat bar? Keep your head on a swivel.

  4. “Oh what a night”…it will be 😛

    I Knew, I knew “Dear Leader” from somewhere! I remember Paul’s old band “Parade” from back in the day! In fact I remember seeing Parade open for “O Positive” at Edible Rex….I also rememebr my ears ringing for days after that show!!

    Well, Sat. may feel like a Beta party, but at least I won’t need to soak the “Beta mud” out of my clothes on Sunday! Hope you’re well – have a nice thanksgiving (To you too Bill)…..:)

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