3 thoughts on “RIP, Mitch”

  1. I’m sure none of you miss a chance to listen to Howie Carr but if you didn’t listen last night you missed Al Kooper as his guest. Pretty facinating conversation that touched on Mitch, the state of recording industry, and of course a lot of talk about Dylan. It was pretty funny because Howie is a huge Dylan fan (Is there irony here? Dan Shaughnessy has scared me away from using the word irony.)and keep quoting lyrics to have Al finish them. Finaly Al had to chime in that he doesn’t care much about the words but more so the music.

    One of the lyrics that came up was “Helpless like a rich man’s son.” I am amazed that I have never stumbled across that in some manner regarding George W. Bush.

  2. Fantastic Drummer. For some reason whenever great drummers are mentioned his name never crops up.

    It may be something to do with Jimi’s guitar playing being SO mindboggling that the rest of the band are pushed into the background.

    RIP Mitch.

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