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  1. So much for the “No Politics on my board!” stuff, huh bill?

    It truly amazed me that the election is even as close as it is. It proves to me that obama was a weak candidate from the outset with zero experience…wait…sorry, I forgot about those community organizing years in Chi-town. This guy had all the help in the world from a liberal media with a hatred for W. that ran as deep as the gap was wide in Bill Buckner’s legs in 86′(remember those days bill, when you were still kinda new to bean town and didn’t know who to root for in that series?).
    The next four years will delight every card carrying member of the ACLU as the rules, as we know them now, will be basically thrown out the window. For far left radical types, you know, the throw backs to the 60’s who never got past the protest days of Vietnam, life will be grand. For the rest of us, dark days lay ahead.

    But alas, I do believe we will make it. This country survived Jimmy Carter and although this might make his Presidency look bright and sunny, we can survive this too.

    Anyone have any guesses as to what the huge test will be in the first six months of the obama Presidency, as Biden promised? Will it be another 9/11? Will it be another Bay of Pigs? All i know is that it IS coming….count on it…or at least Joe the life long poitician promises.

    Well, one a brighter note, at least we’ll be more well liked around the world. It’s like I tell my kids on a daily basis: all that matters is what others think of you, not what you think of yourself!


  2. My thoughts were to post a few quick positive comments of the election of Barak Obama. I’m serious when I say that. However…. Paul Krugman? You give me Paul Krugman William? Of all the great left leaning or outright liberal writers you give me Paul Krugman? The Gong Show You Tube was funny. Got the point across. Krugman? More of the same from a disingenuous douche who is no better a man, and no less of a manipulative agent of his world view, than the republican politic and politicos he portends to abhor.

    I’ve spent the better part of the past year or so in disbelief at the amount of excuses, outright lies, denial, and subterfuge I got from democrat loyalists as to why none of the promises of the 2006 election were delivered upon.

    Iraq war ended? Nope. More troops and more money for it.

    Fiscal responsibility? Nope. Larger more bloated budgets with more pork.

    FISA warrants restricted and no telecom immunity? Obama said he would filibuster any bill that contained immunity and then voted YEA. Yup… Yea. (Remember this vote folks and “I’m going to consult with the Generals” Translation: Troops in Iraq for decades. More on this later)

    More open and equitable congress with a longer working schedule? Oh please.

    All of this democrat failure was of course blamed on who else… Bush! It was like Darth Vader turning on the tractor beam to suck bills to 1600 Pennsylvania for him to sign!!!! Honest liberals like Matt Talabi of Rolling Stone hit it dead nails when he said in reference to the faux democrat attempts at ending the war that Harry Reid was the biggest political pussy in history.

    Well… no more excuses lefties. This is going to be interesting.

    That said I am not kidding when I say much good has come and will come from the election of Barak Obama. His problems though are not going to come from the right either. The far left thinks they have carte blanche now. They are in for a rude awakening.

    As we saw with his shrewd FISA vote Mr. Obama isn’t going to govern in a manner that matches his Internet profile at the dating website that all the lefties are gushing over. That is his picture and it isn’t from before he ballooned up to 275. However he clearly is shrewd enough to know if he acts like his dating profile he will not be re-elected. Times change, the pendulum shifts back, and we still are no more a left leaning country than we were in 1976 when Nixon was Bush and Vietnam was Iraq.

    What is going to be interesting to watch also is how the rest of the world responds in the coming years. Will it be a brand new day of cross the pond relations with our newly minted and likable leader? Methinks it is going to be like when the Delta House boys show up at the honkeytonk and think Otis and the boys are going to be excited to see them. “Hey Otis! He loves us!”

  3. No, Rich, your post was for the fail. Your vote yesterday was for the fail, as were the two before that.

    We actually had an election where a campaign of hope and promise for what this country can be won over a campaign of smears and fear. As demonstrated by the classless thugs that McCain’s campaign fostered over the last several months and their booing of Obama (twice) during McCain’s speech. By contrast, Obama’s crowd cheered McCain.

    The reflexive bash of the ACLU was a nice touch, Rich. You’re just willfully ignorant of what they actually do, and have such a reckless disdain for the Constitution and the “freedoms they hate us for,” that you’re ready to throw them away in a heartbeat.

    Typical, also, of you to ridicule our standing in the world, as if it were somehow not important. The USA will do better financially and militarily if we are respected in the world, rather than hated as the reckless, arrogant frat boy that we’ve been for the last eight years. As we have seen in the last eight years (sorry, I know I’m supposed to pretend they never happened), military might just isn’t enough.

    The election of Obama alone gets that ball rolling.

    That said, I’m under no illusions about the challenges that Obama faces. And I’m under no illusions about how Obama will govern. Unlike what people like Rich believe, Obama is going to be much more moderate than he expects. Though not if you listen to the right wing noise machine, who painted McCain as if he were Che Guevara.

    Good for you, though, that you lean on the old standbys like the good Hannity parrot that you are. Stay gold.

    I’m looking forward to spending time on Bill’s blog talking about music, though. For now, at least, optimism prevails.

  4. Mike p…how does a country that will slash military spending 25% do better? Sorry Mike, you can’t have it both ways. Either you have a strong military that is feared and respected or you try to gain respect by cutting military spending to show some sort of BS good faith that in the end will put you in a position of weakness. Which is it Mike?

    Also, how do you make a statement that he will be more moderate than expected? his history shows him to be a far left liberal. How do you make the jump to moderate from there? Is it faith based? A gut feeling? What?

    I wonder how people like bill. j. and yourself respond to all the folks on the left who feel that obama is some sort of second coming. Is it now somehow ok that people equate religion and the Presidency as where during the Bush terms, any reference to God was treated as some sort of joke or with fear that he placed his faith in god to guide him. for many on the left, obama equals God. What say you about the woman who, while at an obamam speech, said the day was coming when ‘her mortgage and gas would be paid for by Him’?

    obama was good at one thing during the campaign; he was a good puppet for the lib media. they played him like a fiddle and he responded in kind. It was a match made in heaven.

    One last thing; what the hell does Kieth Oberman do now for money?

  5. His history is far left? I thought he had no experience?

    He will be more moderate than expected because he isn’t the terrorist-coddling socialist you’ve been led to believe he is. I didn’t believe the smears about McCain in ’00, and, since McCain hired the very same people who smeared him then to smear Obama now, I don’t believe that either.

    Now, we can have it both ways and, yes, have to do both: “speak softly and carry a big stick.”
    There’s approximately zero chance of Obama cutting the military by 25%. I just did a Google on that, because I found it hard to believe that Obama said such a thing, and of course he didn’t. There’s a quote attributed to Barney Frank, where he uses the 25% number, but he says a lot of funny things, and I don’t have time right now to get the full context. The only Obama connection is a video of him addressing some group.

    In the video he talked about cutting some of the wasteful spending, and that’s long overdue. Our military is expensive, no doubt. Most of it legitimate, sure, but I can’t even imagine how many bridges to nowhere there are that we don’t even know about that the military spends money on. We’ve all heard about these programs that go nowhere after billions and billions of our tax dollars are wasted. So, yeah, cutting some of that – in the face of hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts, and the spiraling costs of Iraq seems pretty sensible (and dare I say, ‘conservative’) to me.

    I don’t see Obama as a ‘second coming,’ and I caution those who do. But, after the last eight years, and the smearing negativity of the McCain-Palin campaign and the thugs it spawned? Yeah, he looks pretty good. I’m optimistic, but realistic.

    This is a great historic moment. I am hopeful that Obama has the stuff to make it work. That’s the best we can hope for.

  6. Mike H
    “My thoughts were to post a few quick positive comments of the election of Barak Obama”

    I’d still like to read that. If you post something positive from start to end, not only will I buy you a beer at the next show but I will promise to do something I have never ever done. Read one of your posts in it’s entirety.

    If you had your Yankee fan friends call you after the game 7 of the ALCS or game 4 of the WS in 04 to say “great series, good team” you know what I’m exactly what I’m talking about.

    No caveats, no rebuttals, not buts, no asterisks. Just give me one more reason to enjoy this beautiful fall day in New England.

  7. Obama represents the personification of the American Dream. 100%. The story of his mother, his grandparents, how they raised him, their focus on his principles and his education, his rise from a shining star legislator from Chicago to a meteorite that shot out from that stage in Boston, through our television sets, and in to our hearts and minds. From my worldview this pokes a massive hole in the side of the contention that the American Dream is a myth and unless you are lucky we actualy live in a society where you station is mostly frozen.

    His story is so much better, so much more inspiring, and contains so many more lessons than the stories of the sons of privilege and position who gave us nothing more than wars of attrition in 2000 and 2004 elections.

    Bravo America for not again falling in to the trap of choosing from same same pool of bastardized political families. I realize McCain is one of these scions however the avocation of his tribe is far more honorable institution than politics.

    Bravo America for electing a minority to its highest office. The ramifications of this are far and wide. From my perspective this was a nuclear core marginalization missile to the platform of the race pimps like Sharpton and Jackson. My real hope is we can move in to a real honest discussion of race that has a real seat at the table for fair discussions of merit, hard work, and personal accountability . My mind can’t even begin to calculate how beneficial this will be to folks caste at the margins of our society by the massive weights of our past prejudices but more so in my opinion because of the defeatist modes of thought that were consistently pressed upon them by “black leaders” and their enablers in the democrat caucus who manipulated them as nothing more than a secure block.

    A bright, articulate, and hard working man has risen from near poverty to lead our country. A man who has given me great pause with some of his statements in moments of candor. However I have clearly detected a pragmatic streak in this man not unlike a upstart candidate who captured our imagination 16 years ago. A man who has proven over time to actually be more Conservative than the alleged Conservative standard bearer of the past 8 years.

    After his horrible performance at the Saddleback forum I really thought this election was over and he was a ripe new plum for pussification once he got in to the real grinder of the national race. He proved me wrong at every juncture since including at the pivotal moment in those days at the end of September when the financial tsunami hit. That was the October surprise and he acted like a president while my man McCain acted like he was the third brother or Randolph and Mortimer Duke.

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