Thursday is almost here!!!!

Thursdays at the Lizard Lounge in October are always special. You know it, I know it, so let’s not argue about that. Ah, ah, ah….shhhhh! No arguing about that!

Now, I know we play late and God knows it takes a lot to get me out of the house, so I don’t blame you for not showing up in the past, what with the Sox again holding on for dear life and playing yet another ALDS Game 5, it is a wonder anyone comes out to these special nights of physical, emotional, and musical challenge. Perhaps if we were in NY, where baseball fans have nothing but time on their hands to go out and get on with their lives, we might all be more apt to be looking for something else to do.

But what if I told you we have special guests? Like Tanya Donelly and Chris Toppin? Would that help? I should hope so. Not that I AM saying that; just hypothetically speaking. What about guitar slinger Joe Guese from the Click 5? He is a gentleman and a rockman. And you know, what about not just one, not two, not three, but perhaps the unfathomable possibility of four Janovitz boys in the house? Well, you might just say, “Bill, that sounds like it would be one expensive-ass show and we might even have to dress up for such an occasion and damn, I have nothing to wear and, on top of it, there would be no WAY I could even get into such a show, even if it were held in Foxboro Stadium, as it would sell out so fast.”

Well, I agree, it will be quite popular, and sure, maybe you could tuck your shirt in. But I guarantee you it won’t be expensive and, judging by the last few weeks, there might even be a table for you if you hurry and ACT NOW.

Thursday. This coming one. Lizard Lounge. Cambridge. It’s special. Feel it. OK. GO!


3 thoughts on “Thursday is almost here!!!!”

  1. Yup, just sitting here in NY with nothing to do but think about how a team with one-sixth the payroll of the other is making the overpaid team look silly. It’s not over yet but it is starting to look like this may have been a one man team, what with the exit of Manny and all.

    I can’t help but wonder how all the Sawks fans feel about being the new Yankees, you know, the team you dispise. The Sawks are the new juggernauts of baseball, as the Yankees used to be, with expactacions of winning every year. They are being embarressed by a bunch of young upstarts. OUCH!

    Anyway, onto music…afterall, this is a music website dammit! Hey Bill, what are the odds of you and BT or even just you recording and releasing an acoustic version of Let Me Come Over? Maybe you could do it solo in your basement as you did your Homemade songs disc a number of years back. Just an idea.

  2. Hmmm…looks like I have to reply to my own comments (this must be a vast left wing conspiracy!)

    Well, it does kinda seem like Manny would have been the difference for the Sawks but don't fret guys, the Rays are a team of destiny. I do have to admit, I turned off the tv with one out in the 7th in game 5 and went to bed with a smile on my face knowing the Sawks were done. To wake up and see they won that game was, well, an uneasy feeling. I predicted the Sawks would take that series as I felt there was no way the Rays would be able to bounce back after that. I gotta admit, I'm gald I was wrong…great series none the less.
    As for Joba and his DUI…what the hell else are you going to do in Nebraska?

    Bill, we could go back and forth about who the worst president of all time was (Jimmy Carter) but you have to let time pass in order to properly judge W.'s time in office, no?

    In all seriousness Bill, your music has been a staple in my life and the lives of the other apes since the early 90's. There was a time from about 1994 up to about 2001 the we never missed a BT or Bill J. show in NY, be it at Irving Plaza or the Mercury Lounge or anywhere else you played. I don't think I've been to a show since but only because of family and other obligations. As a matter of fact, both of my daughters (5 & 2) are huge fans….well, ok, huge fans of 'Your Stripes'. They take the lyrics quite literally and I'm pretty sure the little one would be a good fill in for Tom on drums for that song, if ever the need should arise. Anyway, thanks for the music Bill, it's made the trip thus far more enjoyable. Any chance at that LMCO acoustic thing?

  3. Hey Bill. young upstart here. I think the Rays just punished you for not playing down here in Tampa for so long. You should plan a trip down here to play a show when the Sox visit next year. You can borrow my acoustic and I’ll get us some tickets to the game. WooHooo. Saw a shirt that said “Big Papi has a Lil Peepee” at game 7. Juvenile but still funny!

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