AND MORE TOAD, and another show

hi guys

Yes, one more show at Toad Thursday, September 18. Then look for us every Thursday in October at the Lizard Lounge, all in fabulous Cambridge.

I want to announce another show, at the risk of losing more “fans” like those who defected from the mailing list back when I was right about the then-oncoming Iraq War, bemoaning the fact that an artist (yeah, me) whose music they liked had gone “political” (which really meant they disagreed with my politics). Anyway, this will be a short set on Dunster Road in Jamaica Plain, Boston, for a real street-level Obama fundraiser on Sunday, September 21. The event will also feature Jimmy Tingle, Michael Tarbox, Chris Toppin and Jim Buni, and other speakers and musicians. Jimmy has some details here: FUNRAISER

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  1. Oh William, Oh William, I'm sure those "fans" who protested their ire and unsubscribed over time recognized their folly. Their musings and actions may though have been less deliberate than the wholesale stifling of decent that occurred at this very URL. If you told me you were embarrassed by some of the affairs before the sacking I would have to understand and support your sentiments. I must admit I was.

    Indeed "reasoned discourse" wasn't often the letter of the day at the forum. But lets be honest here. Your contempt for those who performed the electronic version of plugging their ears and singing LA LA LA LA are no more or less boorish louts than those who drove you to end the open forum. And when I say those boorish louts, I include the regular posters AND those infantile sycophants who incessantly bent your ear to end it all because they didn't want to read it (unless they cared to throw in their 2 cents) All that is left to be asked is…. who is worse?

    I leave you with some good news:;=todayspaper

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