Toad and the Regent Theater

I have been making promises I can not keep.

Chris Toppin could not make it to last week’s show. And my old buddies (of which she is one) in the erstwhile Bathing Beauties, A.K.A Show People, will not be making it to this week’s show. It will be more of the Crown Vic with Billy beard on drums. We will play more songs. Last week rocked, in my opinion. We will always miss Tom Polce until his return from Hollywood Babylon. But Mr. Beard is another superb drummer. We will maybe do 3 sets, one more acoustic than the others. We play a lot of old classic rock and soul songs so all you dads should come on down as a reward to yourself. We are like Taylor Hicks. You like him, right? Soul Patrol?

Also, JUNE 27 at 8: I will be playing a set of tunes before the screening of the locally made film that I composed the score for, On Broadway at the Regent Theater in Arlington Center and hanging out afterwards for a Q&A; with the director, Dave McLaughlin and producer/actor, Lance Green (and maybe some others). It will be the final big screen screening around here.

Here is one of the pieces from the film:

I leave you with a song from Aretha and the choir:

9 thoughts on “Toad and the Regent Theater”

  1. Last Thursday night did rock. I do miss Seinor Happy on the skins but Mr. Beard was and is a most excellent replacement. Polce has that time and chop thing down like he is a Boston sports team. The world “soul” comes to mind the way the new guy plays. When the thought occurred to me I didn’t think you would/could describe a drummer as soulful.

    I’m still waiting for an all out over the top, pull no punches, too long yet not long enough, self indulgent, and boozy 12 bar blues jam with multiple solo exchanges back and forth between Phil and Bill. Somewhere amongst the blues destruction hushed drum sounds accent Mr. Matt going for a walk…. The bar has the booze… do you have the…

  2. Bill, the Toad show was extraordinary! Not only was it a marathon show, but the song choices were outstanding. I really enjoyed hearing I’ve Got a Feeling (would have been better if you sang it, but I’m certainly not complaining). Atlantic City was a great surprise; Bruce is one of my favorites. It was also nice to hear Long Island, which my daughter asks me play nearly continually when we get off the ferry at Orient Point all the way into Nassau! In fact, bleary-eyed on Friday morning before school, I showed her the video I took and she recognized it immediately! Thanks for a great show and we are already trying to line up a sitter for next week!!

  3. hey scott there’s this new broadway musical called cry baby. maybe you can try out!

  4. i will crush you, angier.

    anyway, i am waiting for the musical version of “pink flamingos”.

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