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Again, I must apologize.

This time, for talking so much trash about the Giant/Pats. I am only glad I don’t know much or care as much about football as I do baseball. Because, then I might be hurt.

I just like trash talking.

To that end, go Obama and I am enjoying the end of the Romney years while also enjoying watching the Republicans falling apart and fight each other over which of the candidates will not have their support.

I had no intention of bringing that up here, but I had some wine and am feeling feisty. But one of my brothers told me to get to the point earlier in my emails, so here goes.

Upcoming shows:

* Buff Tom tour of Australia in March. Charter a plane and come on down (for those of you not already residing there.)
* I am sitting in with Session Americana at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA USA on February 26. For the night, they will break out of their rule of playing only American music and will this night be temporarily named Session Britannica. You can guess why. I will of course be representing the Stones with a song that shall remain a surprise. Phil Aiken may also be playing. Last time I played with SA, it was one of my most fun nights of music EVAH.
* Buff Tom likely shows in Boston and Northampton in April, TBC.
* Buff Tom at Primavera Festival in Barcelona May 30. Maybe another show somewhere along the way where we have not yet played.

Thanks to those of you who came out see us in NY, DC, Chicago, Minneapolis.

The 2 Buff-Tom-personalized copies of the Shellac records I mentioned in the last email were auctioned off on eBay and raised over $3,000 — and the mini auction they were a component of, organized by Drew O’Dougherty raised over $6,000 — for the Callum Robbins Fund, for 2 y.o. Cal:


All my lovin,



5 thoughts on “upcoming shows”

  1. Oh Bill why do you even try to pretend you are above it all and blame it on the vino? You might not believe this but I have some reasons to look forward to a possible Obama presidency. While he does really share the gift of using metric tons of verbiage, yet saying nothing fungible, with Jawn Kerry, Barak does indeed deliver it with so much more panache. I kid, but I do think it would be nice to have a fellow at the helm who does seem to make people feel good and perhaps could bring some level of unity from sea to shining sea. I’m serious when I say this.

    But I do have to remind you not to get too drunk on the prospects of the latest greatest orator just yet. As the wise British PM Harold Macmillan once said in in response to a question as to what the greatest challenger a statesman will face: “events my dear boy, events.” The election is 9 months away. A lot can change. Just 6 months ago John McCain was DOA. I must remind you several years ago I did speak to you of my fears the Republicans would throw their best weapon over the side. Alas they didn’t make the a similar drunken sailors bet we saw last election cycle from the Democrats.

    Mr. Obama bestowed himself upon us like a meteorite on that fall night in 2004. He has afforded himself very very well since then I must say. As it stands now he is the 20 year old manchild with the golden arm who has mowed them down from Durham to Trenton. He has earned the edge on “Richard Nixon in a pant suit” in the AAA race. A circumstance which is as a wise old yet lingqusticly challenged mayor once mused…. is delicious!

    The Democrats you must admit have had a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot these past few years the 2006 election aside (They haven’t done much with it since have they? I digress) The irony is delicious that the state of Florida with its unseated delegates, the state of Texas, and the state of Ohio, all home to very recent scenes of liberal discontent might just be the places where Nixon in a Pantsuit makes her last stand and like her husband singlehandedly destroys all the advantages the democrats had. Do stay tuned and keep that bottle of wine handy. You might need two for the convention.

  2. All politics aside…can’t wait to see you and Buff Tom in Brisbane, Australia.

    Can I respectfully ask that you guys play ‘Crutch’ – that song mean so much to me when I was a 17-year-old in England…ah, memories. Anyway, if you can play it, it’d be a pleasure to stand you guys a cold beer (and even if you don’t play it, the offers there).

    See you in March!

    Neil R

  3. Awesome night in Brisbane – and thanks so much for playing Crutch guys!

    Had a chance to chat with Chris before the gig and he was great – a real delight to talk to. Didn’t get a chance to say hi to Bill, which is a shame, but thanks so much for a great night guys. Even more energetic than when I saw you last in ’93! All three of you are legends.


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