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  1. Wow, that was really a great article, Bill. As usual, your eloquence puts into words so many thoughts that I myself have had when it comes to my own daughter. It’s so important to introduce to your kids the things that have been influential in your life. And nothing has been more influential to me than the Beatles. My uncle gave me my first record ever, Rubber Soul, when I was 10 years old. He had gotten back from Vietnam, and after never getting his life together, was leaving NYC for California. I remember helping him go through his things when he gave me that one record. I played it over and over again (on a victrola!), until I knew every single lyric by heart & my love affair with the Beatles started. My bedroom walls were littered with articles and pictures of them (much to my mother’s dismay) taped to the pink walls.

    My daughter can pick out Paul’s voice now, which I find very funny. She loves the older stuff, like Tell Me Why. My heart gets very misty when I see this little girl jumping around to the Beatles in her bedroom.

    Yes, that was a great article, I think I’ll go & read it again.

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