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I should already know the answer to this, as I am a musician with recordings for sale, but I am interested in hearing what the latest thoughts are on the legality and ethics of streaming music on blogs such as this one without asking for approval or being sent music or using music that is not already posted for free by the artist? I would love to share what I have been listening to more often, and as an artist, I encourage such use of music as another outlet for exposure. I don’t want anyone posting files for downloads of whole records as thievery, but a sample tune or two would be fine. I am aware of the whole issue with internet radio fees but I am not sure how that relates to this.

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  1. I’m no lawyer, so I can’t speak to that, but I regularly check out some music blogs and think this is sort of the new way that people communicate about music.

    With fewer and fewer music stores where you can chat with the staff about music, there needs to be a new venue for that exchange of ideas, and, while I don’t think its quite the same, the mp3 blogs are one way to fill that void.

    The ethics are purely subjective, I guess, but there are obvious limits – as you say: as long as people only share a song or two, and not entire albums, it seems ok to me. I have made purchasing decisions based on these downloads: if I like a song, I may buy the album, if I don’t, I probably wouldn’t have bought it anyway.

    The format that you have used here so far may be more like a radio show than a record store, but I think the ethics are similar. Hey – there’s an idea: the Bill Janovitz Radio Hour podcast! Act now before they tighten they jack up the rates.

  2. Off topic but can I put in my 2 cents for the additional BT live dates this fall?

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    Thanks-rock on!

  3. I agree with Mr. P in that I too make legitimate music purchases based on songs (samples and whole) that I come by on blogs and other websites.
    Personally, as a musician, I would encourage bloggers who were interested in my music, and interested in singing it’s praises, to post a song or two. It can only benefit.

  4. Most music blogs make songs available to DL for a limited time (1 or 2 weeks), and usually have some sort of disclaimer. One site has this to say…”If you’re from a label or in a band that wants your music removed from this site, please send me an email and I will be happy to oblige. I’m not doing this site to rip anyone off, just to promote music I like.” Having played in plenty of go-nowhere bands, I always feel that any way to reach people is a good way to reach people, so I think it would beneficial to the bands and to us readers as well. Just don’t post any Metallica.

  5. Take a look at a well-regarded (if abrasive) site like pitchfork. they regularly have mp3’s there for download whenever they are sharing a story about a given artist. i think it’s good exposure.

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