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Hey, we are gearing up for the new record, called Skins, due out mid-February. We have a new Facebook page, Twitter feed, designer stage wear, hair pieces, and low-profile trusses to keep things in place.

There is a new interview, here, and it contains a preview of a new track from the record.

In other news, this very blog — yes, this one — was nominated “Best Music Blog,” no, not by the Pulitzer Committee, but by the Boston Music Awards. A friend of mine asked why I had not been plugging it and if I was afraid of self-promotion. Hahahahahahahahaha. You can vote here, if you like. And also see nominees, Tom Janovitz for best folk record with his nom de rock, Sodafrog, and Scott Janovitz for his band, the Russians, in the singer/songwriter category.

More as it comes!

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8 thoughts on “Buffalo Tom Updates”

  1. Heya Bill – Psyched to hear that new track, but having trouble finding it in the interview. Seems to have disappeared off Soundcloud as well. Any pointers?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, by the way.

  2. I got in early and listened to the full song before it vanished (i love human error) Certainly different to anything previous.

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