CoTW 90 Kitchen Door

Kitchen Door, a Buffalo Tom Song usually sung by Chris Colbourn. But I have some assistance from Will. Sorry for the cutesyness.Will gets cut off on the blog screen ratio. I would go watch on Youtube for the complete effect:


While we are on Buffalo Tom covers, here is one by the band the Stents, led by the pediatric oncologist, Pat Brown, of Johns Hopkins, an old family friend. OK, so he is doing amazing work and does a pretty amazing job here. But his voice DOES crack on the chorus. So I guess I have that going for me:


9 thoughts on “CoTW 90 Kitchen Door”

  1. I always loved the BT songs where you sing back up, AKA "teh songs with the other guy lead singing." This song is just plain great, and you do a really good job singing it acoustically. I love the solo- I can't believe it translates that well to acoustic.

  2. Ah, after an awful day today, this is just the right kind of medicine for me, it's cheered me up. Nice one, Bill (and Will)

  3. (Off topic comment) Bill, i've just found out 'Come' reformed and played near you. Where you tempted out to see them? Didn't they tour with BT? I saw them in Edinburgh in 1993 and they were effortlessly amazing.

  4. .: Nicely done, Bill. Always love it when you record stuff at home and the kids are there. Lucy's cameo was hilarious, and Will has a future as a back-up singer. When you record in your house, watching it makes me feel like I'm a guest there.

    Thanks as always for continuing to entertain and spoil us with the CoTW project.

  5. Please, could you post the chords to Birdbrain? I'm a new guitar player and that this my favorite song that my dad plays of yours.

  6. hey! i missed this one!! great version of one of my favorite BT songs, especially like the rocking ending – and your son is adorable!

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