Rejected TV Theme

I took a stab at a theme for a new TV show. No go. Some might recall I did the theme song for “Yes Dear” some years back. So, here are two demo versions of the newest attempt at network-TV-paycheck glory, rejected, alas! Anyone else out there want to buy one?

Rock Me Daddy-O I

Rock Me Daddy-O II

7 thoughts on “Rejected TV Theme”

  1. Wasn't aware of the 'Yes Dear' theme, that never made it over to the UK. Just had a listen to it, sounds pretty good. Of course the best TV theme written by an indie rock icon is Bob Mould's "Dog On Fire".

  2. Any feedback on why the themes were rejected? Were you given guidance by the producers regarding what kind of a theme they wanted? Both are hard-driving straight-forward melodies. I can imagine credits appearing over the music.

    Lawrence, where did you find the "Yes, Dear" theme. I also was unaware that you wrote and performed that theme song, Bill.

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