A New Leaf: Updates and Recent Interests

I’m getting so sick of Facebook and the icky hungover feeling I get after spending more than 30 seconds on it. But like other things that cause hangovers, the addiction is compelling. Also as with such stimulants and addictions, admission is embarrassing.

Somehow, linking to my ongoing obsessions both large and small here on my own page makes it less dirty feeling. After all, the format is such that anyone can check in or out as they wish, which on FB is just not as easy to do. Everyone is living out loud there. The interactive aspects are nice, but also draggy much of the time.

So, with that in mind, here are a few things I think are worth noting:

A beauty of a little story from Murakami

Brian solo singing “Surf’s Up.”

Bowie’s demo of “Lady Stardust.”

The band Real Estate


Some upcoming solo/duo shows: I’ll be playing a short set at the ReadBoston fundraiser at the Hotel Commonwealth Boston on December 5. Book signings from Dennis Lehane, Jackie MacMullan, Ben Mezrich, Casey Sheehan, (and maybe even me signing Exile books).

Also, playing a collaborative duo set with Tanya Donelly at the December 17 fundraiser for The Children’s Room – Caring support for grieving children teens & families at the Regent Theatre Arlington.

And of course, big BT25 weekend coming up November 26-28 with guests appearances and/or sets from J Mascis; Ted Leo; Eugene Mirman; Tanya Donelly; Thalia Zadek; Hilken Mancini; Mike O’Malley; Phil Aiken; Chris Toppin; Mean Creek….and more.

I’m also currently working on new songs. It seems like BT will take a break after these shows, so the next project might be solo. I might start linking songs here somehow, as the work progresses.

Thanks for checking in.

1 thought on “A New Leaf: Updates and Recent Interests”

  1. .: Thanks for the updates, Bill. Because of your mention of them, I have been listening to Real Estate and enjoying the sound.

    When Surf’s Up (the album) was released in 1971, my friend Barry Zilkie bought a copy for me. Didn’t take me long to fall in love with the title track as well as the two brilliant Carl Wilson songs, Feel Flows and Long Promised Road. Unfortunately, I can’t listen to the Spotify version because Spotify still isn’t available in Canada.

    I am grateful to have the time and resources to make the trip to Boston to see the second and third shows, on the 26th and 27th, especially if BT will take a break after these shows. I look forward to your new tunes and a third solo album. I hope I will get the opportunity to say at least hello at one of those two shows.

    Best regards,

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