New Song: Mae and Maggie I & II (Click Title to Read Post)

(Not sure if the music player is not working on this one. It was not for me when I posted and I can’t figure out why. You can listen/download here).

Yesterday we recorded the fantastic guy and drummer, Billy Beard on four of my new songs (he is the second Billy in the Billy, Billy, Matt, and Philly combo that played all those residency shows at Toad here in Cambridge). Thanks to my brother Scott for recording this at his studio, Moontower. Don’t balem anyone other than me for the mix, though. I am so excited by the results that I figured I would post another song this week. Thanks for your contributions for offsetting such recording and musician costs.

“Mae and Maggie I & II” is sort of two songs in one, a suite of sorts. I think of it as a sort of centerpiece to this project. Some of the images are the shore and abandoned boathouses along Huntington Bay, and the frozen bay itself. As it is on Long Island Sound, the waves are moderate. It is sort of an inlet. And in very cold winters, the shoreline would freeze over. It deals with some of the same feelings as the Buffalo Tom song, “Don’t Forget Me,”  which would fit in very well with this project.

Huntington Bay (iPhone shots from 2010)


More about the overall project here: About: Long Island of the Mind Album section. You can download the file for this song here. Right click/Apple click, “save as.”

Previous songs collected here. Please pass along to others and spread the word. I have no publicist!

All songs ©Bill Janovitz

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