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I do not have much to add about this song so I stitched some photos and video clips, mostly from Huntington, almost all from Long Island, and all from  my own photos. This project has not been nostalgic enough for you, you say? Needs to be more sentimental? Well, here you go!

You can listen to and download the song here.

Billy Beard on drums. Scott Janovitz recorded him.

In order of appearance:

1-2. Shots from the Amtrack train home to Boston.

3. Finley Junior High, L-R: Bruce, Harry, kyle, me, Jeff,

4. Me

5. Some ecreen shot of a comic book

6. Shot from the train

7. Shot from the train

8. My grandparents in Florida

9. Video clip of Huntington Village

10. A dog waiting to dock the ferry from Port Jefferson to Bridgeport

12. My grandfather and uncle, Queens, NY

13. L-R: Chris, Danny, Charlie, Dan, me, John, reunion

14. Map

15. Huntington Harbor from Coindre Hall

16. Vince and John, Bolinas

17. A face from L’Archduque, Brussels

18. View across the bay to Northport

19.  Ferguson’s Castle (great link)

20. Huntington Bay

21. My grandparents and their friends, probably the Poconos.

22. Our house 1968-1979

23. A barbershop

24. Our T-ball team

25. My mother and father, circa 1963

26. Reunion: Eddie, Brendan, me, Dan.

27. Finnegan’s

28. Main Street.

29. The beloved and late lamented Hamburger Choo Choo (Photo courtesy of Michael Sullivan via Facebook)

30. Dan, Katy, Centerport

31. Love wallpaper

32. Little league

33. Mom, with child (me). Dad’s Le Sabre

34. Led Zep poster

35. Map

36. Daisy cat

37-40. Fenway

41-43. Dairy Barn

44-45. Shots from train

46. Bug at the shore

47. Map

48. Heckscher Pond

49. Shot from train

50. Huntington Village

51. My grandparents

52. Shot around Heckscher Park

53. Southdown

54. Halesite

55. Flower Hill

56. Our street and house from 1979-1982.

57. My mother and father in Milan

58. Chris

59. Huntington Bay


As always:

More about the overall project here: About: Long Island of the Mind Album section. You can download the file for this song here. Right click/Apple click, “save as.”

Previous songs collected here. Please pass along to others and spread the word. I have no publicist!

All songs ©Bill Janovitz

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